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Monday, June 19, 2017

Healthy Chemicals

The world is a filthy place. There are several common variety of fungus, mold, bacteria and insects that live off humans. Some of those fungus are not healthy.

Primarily living in the United States, my parents attitude towards over-the-counter remedies is only slightly better than those who fear tonic water and medicine. If anyone gets lice, they spend more time blaming someone. There are also theories that being a better person is the real cure.

Going to school and working in offices, everything is filthy. Whenever going to an office or store, there is a new epidemic. The ideals about common illness must change. Instead of complaining or not knowing what is going on, I am starting a new habit.

It took awhile to develop this plan yet everything is easy to use now. Anti-lice shampoo is available at most grocery stores. It is as easy as washing your hair and body. Lather once with regular shampoo, rinse and lather the second times with anti-lice shampoo. Mix the formula with soap, wash the entire body and go between the crevices twice. There is a spray for home.

Spring and summer are the seasons that lice and ticks are active. It is easy to attract these pests. It is not anyone's fault as a common illness it is not gross or weird. It is something that happens. I am going to start was my hair and body once a month or every-other-month. I do not need to have lice to prevent getting it.

Previously, only responding when needed, I started a new job or went to school. Within a few weeks, I had signs of lice. I bought the shampoo and within a week I had lice again. I can't stay home. The next building will be as bad. That is what common means.

Next issue is ringworm. There are tablets to avoid colds, yet ringworm and various types of fungus are as common. Over-the-counter remedies for several types of fungus, known to adversely affect people, are available at stores with pharmacies and pharmacies with an over-the-counter section.

Moving a few years ago, I was fine. Going to school, there was a special array of shots. This was a prevention because common illnesses spread rapidly between a large number of people occupying the same space.

There are wive tales about the anti-fungal, ringworm cure. Once the magical chemical clotrimazole touched the skin, it is not contagious. You will never have to worry about fungus again. That was a lie.

What is really disturbing is this really common illness everyone knows about is spreading like mad. I have seen pictures in magazines about this deadly, unknown disease. There is a recognizable round dot that appears on the skin. This dot turns brown when it comes in contact with clotrimazole. Some people think it is cancer.

I am just going to start buying the cream and applying it six months. It is in athlete's foot formula and feels like rubbing lotion on your feet.

I already utilize some preventative care methods. I like the extracts for anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. Even if I don't have it, it helps my immune system. I do not want to get it.

I also found an additional use of miconazole and capryl. They are great for preventing fungal infections. It should only be used once or twice a year. It can be useful in disinfecting and preventing infection for second degree burns and cuts.

A study stated that woman overly use miconazole. Overuse of medication is known to lessen the natural capacity to produce antibodies and prevent disease. I would avoid it or wait six month between use. If experiencing signs of a disease, symptoms can be misleading.

There are ways of preventing disease that do not include medication washing bed sheets regularly. Every-other-week is fine is standard. Rotate the schedule. If you miss the regular time, you still wash bedding or clean the bathroom at least once a month. Use repellents, there are personal and home repellents. I prefer Repel. It is a good brand name. Deet for my body and clothes. Citronella candles for my home. It smells like lemon.

Even with regular preventative care, there is an issue with society. People need to know these treatments are affordable and available.

I have to go to school to learn and prepare for the future. I have to go to work to be an adult taxpaying, contributor to society. There are things I can take care of myself. If everyone takes care of themselves, the community would have fewer problems with common illnesses.

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